5 Underrated Esports Games – Lineups

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In our society today, eSport games are very crucial to certain aspects of our culture. From Fortnite to League of Legends, people rush to gather and engage in the thrilling virtual adventures. However, naturally, as time progresses, some eSport games will receive more recognition than others. So, this article will be highlighting the variety of underrated eSport games that are worth playing, or the ones that have decreased in popularity over the course of many years.

1. NBA Street

The first example is a game titled, NBA Street, which was created by NuFX and EA Canada. Its release occurred in 2001 for PlayStation 2 and came out in 2002 for GameCube. The virtual sport consists of well-known teams and notable athletes demonstrating their talents by performing elite skills. There are twenty-one NBA teams, and in every round, there are five players picked for each side.

Aside from playing the traditional game of basketball, the goal is to collect points by blocking defenders, dunking, and snatching the ball. The game differs from NBA 2K, and NBA live due to its less realistic feel, and it includes multiple sequels such as NBA Street Vol. 2, NBA street V3, and NBA Street Homecourt.

Although NBA Street gained a significant amount

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