8-year-old’s esports contract is turning heads – SVG

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When you were eight years old, you might have dreamed of a career that involved getting paid to play video games. While sites like Twitch and YouTube have made those aspirations possible, the dream has evolved thanks to esports teams. Instead of just making a plain old career out of video games, talented gamers can transform into celebrities and receive everything that comes with stardom. That includes legions of cheering fans, merchandise with their faces on it … and the occasional questionable contract.

Team 33, a relative newcomer to the esports scene, just signed on Joseph Deen — who will go by his nom du game of 33 Gosu — as part of their exclusive player roster. If you’ve never heard of Deen before, that’s because he’s eight years old, which is younger than many of the current teenage esports players. The kid isn’t even old enough to learn basic geometry and algebra, but he’s already building wooden towers and floss dancing like a pro, and the internet is up in arms over a single question: Is this legal?

Even though Deen received a $33,000 signing bonus and a free gaming setup estimated at over $5000, audiences can’t agree on how to react to the news. Many wish him the best; a few don’t quite understand it, and some are curious about the contract and whether it flaunts child labor laws. Kotaku, curious about the latter

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