A teenager’s lifetime ban from ‘Fortnite’ sheds light on a dark reality in the esports business

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Earlier this month, the creators of “Fortnite,” the most popular game in the world, banned a teenager for life after he used software to cheat. Epic Games, the developer of the game, bans hundreds of players for cheating each week — but this was no ordinary teenager.

Meet Jarvis Khattri, a 17-year-old professional gamer who makes “Fortnite” videos for YouTube under the name FaZe Jarvis. As a member of the esports organization FaZe Clan, Jarvis has earned thousands of dollars playing “Fortnite.”

The controversy stems from a recent YouTube video, where Jarvis used an automatic-aiming software to demonstrate how unfair it was. He repeatedly warned his two million YouTube subscribers that they could be banned for cheating in “Fortnite,” and he started a new account to try and avoid punishment himself — which didn’t work.


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