Among Us is the mobile game you should be playing right now – here’s why – TechRadar

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As someone who reviews smartphones, I’ve always got plenty of mobile games downloaded with which to test out devices. In fact, on my current handset I’ve got about two pages worth of the things. But recently I’ve found there’s only one I want to play, and I can’t stop playing it – and it’s Among Us.

Yes, I could be playing PUBG Mobile, or Call of Duty Mobile, or Fortnite, or one of the other games I play repeatedly on my phone like Rome: Total War, XCOM: Enemy Within, Gwent, Polytopia, or Crazy Taxi – I could go on – but instead I’m glued to Among Us.

You’ve probably heard about Among Us by now, given the amount of people discussing it (and sharing memes) on social media. It’s not a new game, having released in June 2018, but it’s seen a huge surge in popularity recently. According to Google Trends, it saw 50 times more Google searches at the beginning of October as it did the beginning of August.

The game is available on computers as well as smartphones and tablets, the main difference between the two versions being that you have to pay for the PC version while the mobile port shows you ads between games.

If you’ve got a smartphone or tablet that can run Among Us (which you probably do, it’s not very demanding), it should probably be the next app you download, because it’s great fun whether you’re playing alone or in a

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