Among Us on PS4 and Xbox: Console latest and how to download Among Us free – Express

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Getting started in Among Us is easy but mastering how to become a great imposter takes practice. The good news is that there are plenty of people to play against, and that only seems to be growing.

For those who might have missed its rise in 2020, Among Us is a space-themed game developed by a small team called InnerSloth, in which a crew of astronauts must complete tasks while trying to figure out who among them is an imposter, with the power to sabotage their work and eliminate other players.

The latest news on the subject comes from YouTube, and while it doesn’t reveal clear player stats, it does highlight how popular the game has become.

According to YouTube, There were over 4 billion views of videos related to Among Us in September.

A message from the company adds: “While the United States makes up the single largest audience for this content, the Americas, in general, with Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina show up among the countries contributing the greatest number of views. South Korea’s presence in the list reflects the country’s early rising interest in the game. Creators like South Korea’s 빅헤드 were uploading Among Us videos to YouTube as early as July.”

Meanwhile, Among Us on Steam – the only paid version available – remains one of the most played games on the platform, with over 300,00 peak players listed on the official stats page.

So while you can see just how popular Among Us is proving a free download

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