Ban on mobile game PUBG challenged in IHC – Dunya News

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  Last Updated On 04 July,2020 06:08 pm

Ban on mobile game PUBG challenged in IHC

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Pakistan’s ban on popular mobile game PUBG has been challenged in the Islamabad High Court. The petition demands that PTA’s decision to ban the game be quashed.

The petitioner took the position that he had won the PUBG tournament in Pakistan and was to join the PUBG World League on July 10. He dismissed PTA’s reasoning behind the ban and asked that are schools closed down over suicides of struggling students?

The petitioner further contended that electronic sports or e-sports is the largest growing industry in the world, and the game PUBG is a way to earn money online, banning it is likely to end sponsorship by big companies.

The petitioner pleaded that the termination of sponsorship would cause immense economic loss to the players and Pakistan, adding that the ban could lead to blacklisting of Pakistan in electronic sports. Therefore, PTA’s decision to ban the game should be overturned immediately.

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