Beginner gaming PC: How to get started with PC gaming – CNN

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The new PS5 and Xbox Series X might be all the rage right now, but for many, the best way to play games is still in front of a mouse and keyboard. PC gaming is more popular than ever, thanks to a ton of great options for buying or building a powerful computer that can play hot titles like Cyberpunk 2077 and Star Wars Squadrons at their most optimal settings.

Better yet, PC gaming is no longer a niche hobby reserved for hardcore enthusiasts with tons of money to spend. While you’ll have to invest a little more up front than you would for a console, there are plenty of dependable starter systems out there that will give you great performance for the biggest blockbuster games for years to come. Better yet, the benefits of investing in a good PC go well beyond games, and the upgradability of gaming PCs gives them a far longer shelf life than any console.

Curious about giving PC gaming a shot? Here’s everything you need to know, including the key specs and features to look out for and our recommendations for the best beginner gaming PCs for getting started.

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