Behind Bitspawn’s efforts to make esports more reliable for players – Esports Insider

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While the top flight of esports has a cash flow of millions of dollars, coming directly from tournament organisers, online competitive platforms used by amateur and semi-professional players can occasionally leave something to be desired.

Whether it’s unfair administrative decisions or slow (sometimes, even no) payments for winning players, there’s an element of unreliability and unfairness that oftentimes plagues the underbelly of esports. Bitspawn was created in an effort to remedy and rectify such problems, as we delved into through a conversation with its CEO, Eric Godwin.

Bitspawn Feature
Credit: Bitspawn

Esports Insider: How did the premise of Bitspawn come about?

Eric Godwin: As a video game player for over 20 years and an amateur competitive gamer, I have used the platforms that are out there and have been disappointed with the user experience and see a lot of room for improvement in esports software solutions. I have personally experienced being ripped off by event organizers, had to deal with the tedious game result submission process, and slow payouts. I created Bitspawn to help the millions of players out there competing in esports that are getting burned by the platforms that they use.

ESI: How do you ensure that money is distributed equally, and how you decide what equal is?

EG: We use blockchain technology and our in-house proprietary backend that creates a smart contract for the tournament

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