Have you ever wanted to be your worst self on a TV show for money? Well, now you can with Big Brother: The Game. The game is totally free to download as you can watch live feeds, chat with spectators, and take part in the voting.  You have two options for playing this game as you can be a Housemate and Spectator. Spectators can search for friends and family and help them out to try and win the game, while a Housemate must actually enter the competition by using a token to enter the house (an in-app purchase). Players must survive the daily eviction vote in order to stay in their house, with the final player progressing to the next level house. You have to beat all seven house levels to claim a grand prize. You can play the game on iOS and Android right now, or on PC if you’d like.

Now you too can be a guest on a reality TV show, courtesy of 9th Impact.