Carrion is More Metroidvania Than Horror Game

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When we first saw Carrion back in 2018 (and again at E3 2019), it introduced us to Phobia Game Studio’s visceral “reverse horror game” and immediately became a disgusting novelty that I couldn’t wait to see more of.

I got to sit down with it at Gamescom 2019, and was glad to find that Carrion isn’t just a disgustingly delightful upending of the horror game, but a uniquely clever action-platformer.

Carrion’s monster – it doesn’t have a name, because according to the dev team, they want players to “fill in their own blanks” for the world’s story – starts as a small, sentient coil of tendrils that breaks free of the lab in which human scientists had imprisoned it. You’ll initially survive by scuttling through air ducts and vents, ambushing unfortunate scientists and security guards, but as you feed you’ll gain mass, which makes you a far more formidable monster.

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