‘Catherine: Full Body’ review: Too naughty for Nintendo Switch – Inverse

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Catherine is a game you don’t want to play anywhere near your parents, even on Nintendo Switch.

This visual novel/puzzle game sees you scale towers of blocks within the dreams of a man named Vincent, who’s struggling with guilt and anxiety about his love life. Stuck in an unhappy relationship with long-time girlfriend Katherine, Vincent has an affair with a demonic blonde bombshell named Catherine. The game is a lot of fun but can make you quite uncomfortable with its use of explicit text messages and suggestive sex scenes.

Catherine‘s narrative was gripping when first released in 2011, and it was revamped in 2019 when Atlus’ Studio Zero remastered it for PS4 and PS Vita as Catherine: Full Body.

Now, in 2020, it’s finally come to the Switch as an incredibly solid port is. While some of Catherine’s story and writing feels outdated and downright problematic in its handling of LGBTQ+ characters, Catherine: Full Body feels right at home on the system as one of the best ports to hit Nintendo Switch in a long time.

Lovers’ quarrel

Katherine is pushing Vincent towards marriage, but he’s worried about committing, doubly so when she suggests she might be pregnant. In his recurring nightmares, he and a bunch of sheep-men have to climb a tower of blocks and risk dying in both the dream and real world.

While Catherine has long been controversial for its aging bachelor’s perspective on relationships and clumsy handling of sexual diversity, the game isn’t under any

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