Crash Bandicoot: On the Run looks like a new endless runner mobile game – GamesRadar+

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A new mobile game called Crash Bandicoot: On the Run will seemingly be announced very soon.

A dedicated Twitter account for the game was created in May but only spotted today after it posted a brief teaser video. The images on the account are blurred at the time of this writing, but the title of the game is plain to see, and the account’s activity is curious. It’s following just two other Twitter accounts: the official Crash Bandicoot page, and Candy Crush developer King.  

The connection to King is especially interesting, because this isn’t the first time a Crash Bandicoot mobile game has appeared. Back in February, social media users spotted Facebook adverts said to be for the Brazilian version of an unannounced Crash Bandicoot mobile game. It was only called Crash Bandicoot Mobile at the time, but it was described as an endless runner developed by King. This tracks with the newly revealed title – “On the Run” is quite fitting for an endless runner – and this new Twitter account. 

A now-removed store description outlined some of the game’s features, like the ability to expand a home base by unlocking new buildings, and adding new weapons to your arsenal in the process. It also mentioned mobile game staples like growing and harvesting crops, perhaps with real-life timers attached. Crash’s partner Coco was mentioned as well, but all

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