Data Illumination In Gaming And Esports 07/02/2020 – MediaPost Communications

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In mid-May, I participated in a BIA-Kelsey Webinar on Gaming & Esports alongside Beasley Media Group, owner of Houston Outlaws Overwatch team and more, and two data providers, Comscore and MRI-Simmons.

I presented an overview of the gaming and esports landscape, and explained their differences — which are critical for any advertisers and ad agencies to understand when beginning to look at these spaces for marketing opportunities.

My fellow panelists focused on viewership metrics and the television-gaming crossover. After the webinar, I asked the dataists what the most revealing insights they have gathered are, and how they properly and accurately capture gaming and esports fans, separately where appropriate.

Everyone knows a few things about gaming and esports fans at this point — that they are young, male, more affluent than the national average, and  more inclined to be techie types than not.



Back when I worked at Simmons Research (pre-MRI acquisition), I worked with Ben Paro, who was on the panel representing MRI-Simmons, director of Esports & Gaming Insights, to overhaul the esports and gaming data to glean key insights into the makeup of gaming and esports consumers, which is their speciality.

While I knew what brought MRI-Simmons into the space, I was interested in learning more about what triggered Comscore to invest further aside from the usual idea of a burgeoning industry, given that their data is best known for measurement and viewership metrics. 

To get a better sense of what brought Comscore in the fray

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