Did You Know? Windows 10 PCs Have “Game Mode” on by Default – How-To Geek

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All Windows 10 PCs have “Game Mode” enabled by default. Microsoft once touted this feature, but it’s now faded into the background. Bizarrely, some people report that disabling Game Mode boosts the performance of certain PC games!

What Does “Game Mode” Do on Windows 10?

First introduced in Windows 10’s Creators Update, which was released back in April 2017, “Game Mode” promises to boost the performance of many PC games.

Here’s the official description: Microsoft says that Game Mode “helps achieve a more stable frame rate depending on the specific game and system.”

Technically, it works by detecting games and giving them priority access to your computer’s resources. The game you’re focused on playing gets more CPU and GPU resources, while other applications and background processes get fewer resources. This only works if Windows 10 detects that you’re playing a game.

Microsoft’s limited explanation of Game Mode also says that, in Game Mode, Windows Update won’t automatically install hardware drivers or notify you to restart your PC while you’re playing a game. This will reduce interruptions.

Does Game Mode Boost Performance?

The Performance widget window in Windows 10's Xbox Game Bar
This floating performance window is found in Windows 10’s Xbox Game Bar.

Game Mode might boost your PC’s gaming performance, or it might not. Depending on the

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