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Why is it that Among Us has caught like wildfire in (and outside of) the gaming community? Is it the easy-to-operate mechanics, the social element, the interstellar theme? We have another theory: everyone loves Among Us because it brings out the little detective in all of us. 

As a social deduction game inspired by the classic Mafia game, Among Us encourages everyone to participate in the “whodunnit” story of the night. Whether you’re a busy-bee crewmate, lead instigator, gutted victim, or savage impostor, you play an important role in a fun mystery showdown.    

Among Us truly is “all that” – but so are a lot of other games out there just waiting to be played. If you just can’t get enough of Among Us, try these similar games that you can play on PC or mobile. 

Town of Salem

The spaceship theme of Among Us is nice and all – but it does it stray away from it’s Mafia roots. Town Of Salem, on the other hand, is a murder-mystery game set deep in the past when witchy murders were à la mode

Each game in Town of Salem has seven to fifteen players who are each assigned unique roles. Every player has their own set of abilities, attributes, & goals. Some examples include Doctors who can heal someone, Trackers who can follow someone, and Plaguebeareres who spread disease. 

The game

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