Evercade review: “Classic gaming on a new handheld console reignites the retro romance” – GamesRadar+

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Shrunken down, nostalgia-riding retro game consoles have been hot for a few years now, often housing a built-in selection of past classics. The Evercade, from Blaze Entertainment, is doing things a little differently, and it’s something gamers of all ages should consider.

The Evercade is a new, handheld gaming console featuring a huge range of officially licensed retro games from the 8-bit and 16-bit eras. It’s not just the handheld nature that makes it stand out from the retro reimaginings like the for-your-TV-only SNES Mini, Sega Genesis Mini (or Mega-Drive Mini to our UK readers), PlayStation Classicor any of the other highlights on our picks of the best retro game consoles. No, and this is the fun hook for retro gamer fans, it comes with physical game cartridges.

We’re not talking single carts for individual games. That would be a bit much. Instead, we have collections from a range of past publisher faves. Prolific ones like Atari, Namco and Interplay all have two boxed releases and you’ll find more collections from the likes of Data East, Technos, and even new studios who specialize in retro games like Mega Cat.

The cartridges come loaded with six to 20 games and cost around $20/£15, with the Evercade console and the first Namco Museum Collection as a bundle starting at around $80/£60. A larger bundle with three cartridges will set you back around $99/£79. So depending on what games you fancy reliving

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