Game subscriptions are the secret best reason to be a PC gamer – PCGamesN

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In the past month, I’ve played Doom Eternal, Haven, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and Immortals Fenyx Rising, which should have cost me somewhere in the range of $200. Instead, I paid precisely $24.98 for that range of experiences. The game subscription future is here, friends, and it turns out that it’s not so bad – especially on PC.

Xbox Game Pass has dominated the conversation around Microsoft’s next-gen consoles, but the service has been making waves on PC, too. For $10 USD per month, you get access to a library of hundreds of the best PC games, including first-party Xbox games and numerous third-party titles on the day of their release. I feel like I’m making a sales pitch here, but the service really speaks for itself.

It also speaks to how Microsoft’s gaming strategy has evolved. Once upon a time, getting into the Xbox platform meant laying out hundreds of dollars on a console to sit underneath a TV. Now, it just means paying a few bucks for access to a massive library of content, the same way we look at something like Netflix. Xbox isn’t a console, it’s a service, and while that’s been true to varying degrees for a number of years, there’s now no practical difference between what you get when you buy a Series X and what you get when you just subscribe to Game Pass on PC.

Publishers outside of Microsoft are starting to move in the same direction. EA’s subscription service

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