Get These Free Sega Games on PC Before They’re Gone – Lifehacker

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Sega is celebrating its 60th(!) anniversary with a collection of PC games that are free to download for a limited time, plus numerous other sales and freebies available through Steam.


Four of the free-to-keep games were developed (or resurrected) specifically for Sega’s 60th birthday. Each one represents different parts of Sega’s multi-decade history, but they’ll only be available to download for a day or two, depending on the title:

  • Armor of Heroes (Available October 16-19): A top-down tank combat game with a competitive multiplayer mode. The game cribs from the Company of Heroes series of WWII strategy games by Relic studios.
  • Endless Zone (Available October 16-19): A side-scrolling sci-fi shooter similar to the retro Sega title Fantasy Zone.
  • Golden Axed (Available October 18): A tiny 2.5D hack-and-slash game set in the Golden Axe universe. It’s only a single level, apparently repurposed from a canceled Golden Axe reboot—hence the title “Golden Axed.” Get it?
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