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The Final Grade

Editor's Choice


1-Up Mushroom for…
Solid build; buttons and D-pad are premium feeling; tons of games, with each cartridge offering great compilations of various classics; tons of replay value


Poison Mushroom for…
Tight cartridge slot; button mapping only available via firmware update; UI is a little bland

Retro hardware is a hot commodity among gamers these days. From the original, genuine article consoles to modernized rigs like Analogue’s Super Nt to miniaturized replica’s such as Sega Genesis mini, the market is ablaze with interest in the video games of yesterday. With good reason—excellent game design never gets stale, which makes returning to these golden oldies quite appealing. With so many options available to consumers, it takes something different and bold to stand out among the crowd. Thanks to a solid build and ease of use, as well as an engaging collection of games, Evercade has managed to do exactly that.

Evercade is manufactured by Blaze Entertainment, a company that specializes in retro hardware and merchandise. With Evercade, the company’s mission statement has been to produce a console that emulates the fun and simplicity of the systems of yore. All Evercade games are on cartridges and no Internet connection is required to play. The games are all compilations of titles from a single developer’s catalog and come in special collector’s packaging with full-color, intricate instruction manuals (remember those?). Evercade can even be connected to an external screen via HDMI, not unlike a Switch. From the outset,

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