How Taunton tabletop gaming startup had best year ever during COVID – Taunton Daily Gazette

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TAUNTON — There are some interesting businesses located in the old Reed & Barton complex flying under the radar. One of them is Wyrmwood Gaming — a high-end tabletop gaming accessories company that focuses on woodworking. 

While COVID-19 restrictions on businesses have spelled death and destruction for so many small businesses, this 5-year-old start-up defied the odds and had their best year yet. 

“We kind of expected that tabletop gaming was going to be dead for who knows how long because people couldn’t get together,” said co-founder Ed Maranville. 

“Most other companies’ sales were going down. Ours actually went up,” said co-founder Ian Costello. “We actually could not keep up with demand.”

From left, Wyrmwood co-founder Ed Maranville, Director of Customer Service Chris Gates and co-Founder Ian Costello at the company's Taunton headquarters at the former Reed & Barton on Thursday, Jan. 14, 2021 show off tabletop sections that cover the gaming surface to allow customers to use their tables without having to put the game away. They just use the crank to lower the gaming surface.

How did they do it? With the ingenuity and flexibility the company has become known for. 

While Wyrmwood officially incorporated in 2015, its roots go back to 2012 when co-founders and

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