How to avoid bad habits with your kid’s gaming and screen time – Mashable

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Image: vicky leta / mashable
Moving forward requires focus. Mashable’s Social Good Series is dedicated to exploring pathways to a greater good, spotlighting issues that are essential to making the world a better place.

Welcome to this installment of our limited run Small Humans advice column! Senior Features Writer Rebecca Ruiz and Director of Special Projects Alex Hazlett will be answering questions about screen time and digital family life during the pandemic. You can read our the rest of our advice here and here. Submit a question at

Is all screen time created equal? Meaning, is there good screen time, learning and chatting with friends vs. gaming and watching videos? –Ada


What’s the best way to start introducing a 2-year-old to screen time without creating bad habits? –Joy

All screen time is not created equal, and the guidelines are starting to catch up to that understanding. For example, FaceTime chats with grandparents, which used to be considered a verboten form of screen time for children younger than 18 months, Source…

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