Hypercasual mobile game trends to watch in 2021 – VentureBeat

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Hypercasual is one of the most talked-about genres in mobile gaming. It took off at an unprecedented rate with Flappy Bird going viral in 2014, and it has remained a leading category in terms of downloads ever since.

Despite their easy-to-play nature and quick development-turnaround time, hypercasual games face a number of challenges. Competition continues to increase as the fight for player attention heats up. And for a genre which so heavily relies on ads, the impending IDFA changes will really shake up the market. And this is why the hypercasual genre is constantly evolving — to stay enticing, current and competitive. Based on conversation with Supersonic Studio experts Tomer Geller (its lead game designer) and Niv Touboul (its head of in-house games), here are some trends that we predict will happen in 2021:

The hypercasualization of everything

There is a growing realization that anything and everything can adapt to the hypercasual genre, even if it doesn’t seem like an obvious fit at first glance. Take for example the new genre of minigames (new to mobile but common in console) — which are multiple small actions that alone do not fit the criteria for a successful hypercasual game, but collectively they do. Choice-based games like Save the Girl, Chat Master, and Let’s be Cops 3D are

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