Is Monster Hunter Rise Coming to PS4 – Attack of the Fanboy

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Monster Hunter Rise is the next entry in Capcom’s long-running franchise, but its status as a Nintendo Switch exclusive has left PS4 owners wondering if they’ll ever get a chance to take it for a spin. Between the wirebug, wyvern riding, and additional quality-of-life adjustments being introduced in Monster Hunter Rise, it’s looking less like a spin-off and more like a genuine successor to Monster Hunter World, which is available on the PS4. So, is Monster Hunter Rise coming to the PS4, or not?

Monster Hunter Rise is unlikely to launch on the PS4, and will remain a Switch console exclusive.

Monster Hunter Rise was announced last year as an exclusive for the Nintendo Switch, and it made sense. PS4 and Xbox owners had been playing Monster Hunter World for a few years up to that point, with Nintendo fans watching enviously from the sidelines. Monster Hunter Rise appeared to be Capcom’s response to that – a Monster Hunter game with all the improvements brought forward by World, but capable of running on Nintendo’s hardware.

We know Monster Hunter Rise is very likely coming to PC next year, but it’s looking like that will be the only platform Monster Hunter Rise will migrate to outside the Nintendo Switch. We’ve seen no leaks detailing a possible PS4 port of the

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