Keyano College’s esports coach begins team recruiting, hopes to promote esports locally – Fort McMurray Today

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Keyano College has hired a head coach for the school’s new esports team. Ben Bramly, who is moving to Fort McMurray from Ontario next month, said in an interview he wants his first year in Fort McMurray to focus on building teams and a successful esports program. He also wants to promote esports locally.

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“It’s a really cool experience and something new for me,” he said. “It’s a field I’ve been working in for the last couple of years, but to get the chance to be in charge of the program and move to a place like Fort McMurray and get started there, it’s really exciting.”

Bramly spent two years coaching the Durham Lords esports team at Durham College in Oshawa, Ont. This past season, the team won two New England Collegiate Conference (NECC) titles, the OCRS Ruckus Tournament championship, reached the UCEA Grand Final in the fall and spring semesters and qualified for the CRL which features the Top 20 North American collegiate teams.

Bramly said people have begun recognizing esports as a competitive sport that goes beyond casual video games. Bramly acknowledged not everyone is convinced of this, but said the skills needed to compete have to be mastered.

“Even if you’re sitting at a desk, it’s still a lot of hand-eye coordination, really fast reaction times and it takes a lot of muscle memory and a lot of brain power to know exactly what you need to

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