M2 Is Bringing Aleste Collection To Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Life

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Emulation expert M2 has just announced that it is bringing a collection of Aleste titles to the Nintendo Switch as part of its M2 Shot Triggers series.

Aleste Collection – which is also coming to PlayStation 4 – will include Aleste / Power Strike (Mark III, Master System), Power Strike II (Master System, previously unreleased outside of Europe), Aleste GG (Game Gear) and Aleste GG II (Game Gear).

In addition to this, M2 is also creating a new model of the Game Gear Micro which ships with the games.

The collection launches on December 24th and will cost ¥7,480 for the physical version (thanks, Japanese Nintendo), ¥4,950 for the digital version and ¥16,280 for the version bundled with the Game Gear Micro.

The original Aleste arrived in 1988 and was later ported to the MSX2 platform. A sequel arrived on the MSX2 in 1989, which is different from Power Strike II, which was a Europe-only successor.

While the collection won’t include the likes of Super Aleste / Space Megaforce, Robo Aleste / Dennin Aleste and MUSHA Aleste, it’s still nice that we’re getting the chance to play some of the lesser-known entries in this famous shooter series.

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