Maneater Lets You Sadistically Leave Humans Alive After Biting Their Limbs Off

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While the Gamescom demo of Maneater was the same as the E3 demo, we learned some new details about the shark-forward open-world game. Let’s sink our teeth in, courtesy of Maneater’s QA Lead Brian Lord.

There Are Several Areas Populated by Apex Predators
“Population control is all about that apex predator we met. Each region has an apex predator and they have a favorite food group. If you eat it, they’re going to get angry.”

These are the Announced Apex Predators so Far:

Rosie the Alligator
“So, as we met Rosie earlier she was in a tunnel, she was hanging out. She loves catfish. If we went into her region and ate a lot of her catfish, obviously Rosie would come out and pick a fight with us.”

Bob The Baraccuda
“Bob the Barracuda has been hanging out with some chemicals. He has a problem, we’re all sitting him down on Saturday for an intervention.”

Just Some Angry Sperm Whale
“This is a sperm whale who is incredibly angry, and for the life of us we can’t figure out why. He won’t talk to us, he’s just mad all the time, hangs out in his room, playing Megadeth really loud.”

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