Maneater sinks its teeth into Nintendo Switch this May – Shacknews

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Tripwire Interactive’s ShaRkPG has a Switch release date set for this Spring.

Tripwire Interactive’s Maneater was a fun dive into the ruthless life of a shark. Snacking on humans, leveling up, and unlocking new abilities was a satisfying gameplay loop, as the game saw commercial and financial success. Now, fans of Maneater will have an excuse to jump back into the waters as Tripwire Entertainment has given the game’s Switch launch a May release date.

Maneater will release on the Nintendo Switch on May 25. Set in the waters of Port Clovis, players will be able to take this unique action-adventure experience with them on the go thanks to the Switch’s portable capabilities. Maneater originally launched for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC back in May of 2020.

Maneater allows players to live out a true power fantasy as they peruse the waters, chomping down on unsuspecting humans and wildlife in order to grow and earn more abilities. Described by its developers as a “ShaRkPG,” this game merges core action elements with RPG-style progression.

We here at Shacknews were big fans of Maneater, as it was one of the highest-reviewed games on our website last year. Most recently, we saw developer Tripwire Interactive announce that the game had surpassed a million copies sold with the announcement of an Xbox Series X and PS5 upgrade.

Those looking to return to the waters of Port Clover, or jump

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