Miles Morales on PS5 is smaller than the PS4 version – KitGuru

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With each new generation of consoles, games have ballooned in size to take advantage of the higher power output of the new consoles. This has been true in essence for decades. It appears however that for the first time, video game file sizes may go down, as Spider-Man Miles Morales on the PlayStation 5 is actually smaller than its PlayStation 4 counterpart.

Discovered by Reddit user Arion87, Spider-Man Miles Morales on PlayStation 4 will take up 52GB of space, whereas the PlayStation 5 version will use 50GB. While the difference may not seem significant, the PlayStation 5 version of Miles Morales will undoubtedly feature higher quality assets and textures, which would typically take up more space.

The reason for the lower file size may be due to the new SSDs in the PlayStation 5, which according to Mark Cerny during the Road to PS5 tech talk, allows for less duplication of assets being required, as the SSD is capable of streaming the single asset to wherever it is needed whenever it is needed without delay.

Of course, it is worth noting that game file sizes typically also increase in size over the course of a generation, as titles get bigger and more ambitious. Still, it is encouraging to see that the fear over the PlayStation 5’s built-in 825GB SSD may be somewhat unfounded,

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