Nacon MG-X controllers prepare Android phones for Xbox Cloud Gaming – SlashGear

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Game streaming is starting to pick up with Microsoft and then Amazon jumping into the arena. Of course, it has also become controversial with Apple blocking many of these streaming services and the companies’ attempt to work around that limitation. Of these new services, Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming via its Game Pass Ultimate subscription is unique in its availability on Android phones only, at least initially. Console and PC games, however, don’t easily translate to touch screens, and gaming accessory maker Nacon is offering two controllers to help bridge that gap.

There is no shortage of game controllers for phones, especially for Android. Those range from standalone controllers that look like regular gamepads to telescopic ones that emphasize portability. The latter is what Nacon’s new MG-X controllers are aiming for and it offers two designs to match gamers’ needs.

The Nacon MG-X is the base model and is the more compact of the two, extending a phone’s girth only by a bit. The MG-X Pro, on the other hand, is shaped more like a regular controller, offering pro gamers a more familiar feel at the expense of added bulk.


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