New Generation of Gamers Propelling Industry During Pandemic – WSYM-TV

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LANSING, Mich. — In the coming weeks Microsoft and XBox will release new video game consoles for the first time in seven years. The demand could not be higher. Gaming has flourished during the pandemic and as Dan Grossman explains it’s due to a new generation of gamers.

“Back in 1975 my car was in the shop. it was a Saturday…”

Perhaps you’re wondering why in a story about video games

“So hilarious. the one that went viral laughs.”

“After 15 minutes of loading the disc tape in I got to play the game and I never looked back.”

It’s what got him here.

“I like games like that- that test your mental ability”

Known simply by his online alias grandpa gaming—he might be the last person you’d expect to log 100 hours a week streaming video games to more than 200-thousand people worldwide on a website called twitch.

“The older generations are coming out of the woodwork” and it’s an audience that has rapidly grown since March.

“My twitch notifications say- the statements say your followers have increased 200%”

According to the market research group NPD – Americans spent nearly 11 billion dollars on video games in the first quarter of this year – the most ever. they were also watching more as twitch reported people watched 1.5 billion hours of gameplay on their service in April – a 50% increase from the previous month.

“When your kid is home all day every day

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