Niantic To Launch New Mobile AR Game Based On Catan – UploadVR

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Niantic announced that it is working on a new mobile AR game called Catan – World Explorers, based on the popular board game Catan. The company is also partnering with immersive theater studio Punchdrunk to create several other new projects.

Niantic is one of the biggest players in the mobile AR market, with a variety of successful titles like Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Now, the studio looks to expand its offerings with a new game based on the popular strategic board game.

Similar to other Niantic games, Catan – World Explorers is a multiplayer augmented reality title for mobile platforms, which “transforms the entire Earth into one giant game of CATAN”. Players will be able to “harvest, trade, and build in the real world as cities and landmarks transform into settlements where you can collect resources, construct buildings, and score points for your Faction.”

catan mobile game ar niantic

catan mobile game ar niantic

There’s a few graphics on the World Explorers website, embedded above, which

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