Ninterview: How Two GamesMaster Fans Are Paying Tribute To TV’s Best Video Game Show

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Tune into “Under Consoletation”.

These days, you need only turn on your phone or open up a laptop to gain access to video game news, reviews and footage, but back in the pre-internet early ’90s, you either had magazines or GamesMaster. For those of you outside the UK, that name might not mean anything, but trust us, it was amazing. GamesMaster was a conduit to a world of video game news and features, presented by the one and only Dominik Diamond – the undisputed master of the double entendre.

GamesMaster ran from 1992 to 1998, and spawned a best-selling magazine to boot. Now, two fans are aiming to chart the history of the show on an episode-by-episode basis. Luke Owen and Ash Versus are the dynamic duo behind the excellent Under Consoletation Podcast, which is running through each series in chronological order.

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