Sega Genesis Mini is the best retro console and it has a huge discount for Prime Day – TechRadar

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The Sega Genesis Mini is arguably the best retro console you can buy, and right now there’s a good discount on it via Amazon. The current deal has the console at $49.99, which is a saving of 38% on the list price. That’s 42 retro games for less than $50 – excellent value if you’re looking for a nostalgia hit. If you’re in the UK, the console (known as the Mega Drive Mini instead) is also on sale for less than £50.

If you’ve been waiting for a cheap deal on the Sega Genesis Mini, now is the time to buy. It’ll make an excellent Holiday gift for family, or just a treat to yourself, and there is loads of value on there. We found ourselves digging into Castle of Illusion and Shinobi 3 when it launched in October last year. 

Not in the US or UK? Scroll down for the best deals in your region.

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