Shenmue 3’s Tokyo Game Show trailer explores the world

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Shenmue 3’s new Tokyo Game Show trailer takes us on a relaxing tour of the game’s world, giving us a glimpse of the places Ryo will be wandering around while inevitably solving everyone’s problems. Take a look above.

While Shenmue 3 looks a little dated, particularly the character models, it’s still clearly capable of putting together a striking scene. I would definitely rent a room in a Bailu Village B&B for a weekend.

Some backers will get a chance to explore a slice of the open world themselves this month. The Shenmue 3 trial is coming soon and will let players wander around Bailu Village, where you begin the main game. The trial is a standalone adventure and will take around an hour to complete.

Everyone else will have to wait until November 19, when it launches on the Epic Games Store. If the timed exclusivity has rubbed you the wrong way and you’ve already backed the game, you’ll soon have an opportunity to switch to the PS4 version or receive a refund.


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