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It’s been two years since Bomber Crew landed on Switch and at the time, we thought quite highly of it. Developed by Runner Duck, it successfully mixed a real-time management simulation with strategy, taking place in a World War 2 setting. It was quite surprising then to see a sequel putting us in charge of an intergalactic spaceship with Space Crew. Taking us to the year 2159, you now play as members of the “United Defence Force”, seeking to defend Earth from an alien race known as Phasmids.

Space Crew’s campaign is mission-based, bringing us procedurally-generated stages across the galaxy as you fend off this invading force. Missions comprise of small tasks such as taking down Phasmid forces or escorting cargo ships but ultimately, your main objective is survival. Upon hitting these goals, players must navigate their ship back to Athena Base, UDF’s HQ. Completing missions earns credits and research points, letting you purchase new gear for crewmates and researching better spaceship technology.

You’ll be assigned six UDF crewmates for your missions, ranges from captains to security officers, and to let players create their ideal team, everyone’s appearance is fully customisable. Each of them can be manually ordered across your ship but when sat at their assigned stations, they’re capable of performing exclusive actions. For example, only captains can authorise hyperjumps to your next location, whilst engineers can divert your ship’s limited power as required. So,

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