Talking Point: Nintendo Switch OLED, Worth The Upgrade? Team NL Has A Chat – Nintendo Life

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Switch OLED© Nintendo

A while back we shared a chat between a couple of Team NL’s members talking about the topic of “what is a game ‘developer'”? That was a nice little back and forth format in which we were chatting over a virtual cup of tea – or virtually but with actual cups of tea and coffee… you get the idea. We decided to revisit the format for a little chin-wag about the Nintendo Switch OLED Model, now that the dust has settled and many will have decided whether to bother chasing after pre-orders.

For this chat we have Gavin Lane, Kate Gray and Tom Whitehead talking semi-seriously about Nintendo’s latest Switch iteration. What do we think? Who will buy it? Does it look like a stormtrooper?

Let’s get right into it.

Gavin: I should preface everything I’m about to say with the fact that I’m the dude who bought four 3DSs. I am that idiot. I traded in my original Aqua and my subsequent red XL to upgrade, but have since gone back and got them again. I may have a problem. How many 3DSssss did you two buy?

Kate: Two, technically, but I swapped one in for the New Nintendo 3DS… XL… plus??? I have technically owned three Switches: One was an impulse buy (from NL Director Ant, four years ago); one was an impulse buy because it came with a ton of supermarket loyalty points

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