The best games for couch co-op play – The Washington Post

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In the last two decades, developers shifted resources to online multiplayer, a far more lucrative investment. But studios know that some of our best gaming memories are with friends on the couch, so they can hear the banter (or trash talk) in person. One subreddit forum, r/localmultiplayer, is totally dedicated to finding and promoting local multiplayer games. Definitely check it out, as well as this Steam bundle, for more recommendations once you finish this list.

Minecraft Dungeons

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

“Diablo 3” is always a standing recommendation, but it’s also an obvious one. If you’ve already played that series to hell and back and crave something simpler, the first real “Minecraft” spinoff title might do the trick. Just released this summer, “Minecraft Dungeons” is a great introduction to the action role-playing genre. It’s a lot easier to understand than tried and true classics like “Diablo,” but it plays a bit more like arcade brawler “Gauntlet,” with even shades of “Streets of Rage.” Unlike more complicated action RPGs, “Minecraft Dungeons” is less about playing with statistics and more about just collecting whatever items or weapons have the higher attribute number and feels better for you. Once you get deeper into the game, it’ll require players to coordinate builds more, but that learning curve comes very naturally.


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