The Best of Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition – Goomba Stomp

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Another season, another Steam Game Festival chock-full of exciting new titles to discover. Though it started just under a year ago, the concept spearheaded by Geoff Keighley has been a welcome way for players to try upcoming games and for devs to gain valuable feedback prior to launch. After sorting through the best of the best demos at the top of the year, we’re back at it again to give you our impressions on some of the most promising Steam Game Festival selections. Let’s have a look!

Note: The selections below are only comprised of demos we haven’t covered before. Check out the site for impressions on Manifold Garden, Pumpkin Jack, Ghostrunner and more! 



Developer: Nifflas, Triple Topping
Publisher(s): Triple Topping

Ynglet is the reason this “Best of” article exists. A self-described “non-platformer,” Nifflas’ latest outing has players control an abstract organism as it leaps between oddly-shaped bubbles. Gravity outside of the bubbles constantly pulls the organism down, forcing players to carefully adjust their jumps and leverage mid-air dashes to re-direct themselves and travel longer distances. Meanwhile, staying still inside any bubble creates a checkpoint, encouraging experimentation and risk-taking that would otherwise lead to stress and frustration if it resulted in failure.

The accessibility features don’t stop there; elements such as game speed, movement speed, and gravity can all be adjusted on the fly in addition to standard difficulty options. All

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