The best PC games of 2020 – Looper

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After 2016’s Doom blew collective gamers’ minds and ended on a cliffhanger, audiences couldn’t wait for the inevitable sequel. The anticipation, however, was tempered by the fear that the upcoming game couldn’t live up to the shock and awe that Doom provided. When Doom Eternal launched, gamers were proud to be proven wrong.

Doom Eternal maintains its predecessor’s high bar of graphical fidelity, tight controls, and headbanging tracks, all while pushing that bar even higher with revamped enemy designs and new songs. The game also features fresh weapons and mechanics to separate the enemy into biomechanical chunks.

Even though Doom Eternal can be considered a power fantasy, it provides a worthy challenge. Every enemy poses a new threat, and in order to keep your ammo, health, and armor reserves topped up, you have to master novel systems that push the FPS genre forward. The game solves the problem of artificial resource scarcity and abundance. You only have as much as you want.

To add to the bonfire of awesome, Doom Eternal also features DLC that has been well-received by critics and audiences with more yet to come. If Doom Eternal receives a sequel, don’t be surprised if that game also makes the year’s “Best PC Games” list.

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