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We all like a challenge when playing games. That’s the reason most people play them after all, which is why the Trophy system on Sony’s PlayStation consoles is so engaging for so many people. Sure, Microsoft did beat them to the punch with Achievements, but there’s something more satisfying about getting a Platinum Trophy than just a higher number. That digital trophy proves that you mastered the game, conquered all the challenges the developers put before you, and know the game inside and out.

Every game has its own set of requirements to earn the coveted Platinum Trophy, but there are a few standard tasks you can expect out of most games. You’ll likely need to beat the game on the hardest difficulty, collect all the little do-dads, perform some specific actions a number of times, and things of that nature. And sure, no Platinum Trophy is meant to be easy to get, but there are some games where the developers went way too far. These are the games where you’ll either need to reach near-perfect execution, dedicate dozens or hundreds of hours, or both if you want to add that Platinum to your trophy collection. Not counting any games where the Platinum is literally impossible to get anymore, such as due to shut down or dead multiplayer modes, here are some of the hardest Platinum Trophies to get on the PS4.

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