The Last of Us Part II for PS4 is $20 off at Walmart – The Verge

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If you haven’t yet trudged through the gripping and frequently disturbing tale that The Last of Us Part II has to tell, you can get a deal on the PS4 game at Walmart right now. Normally fully priced at $60, it’s $40. As far as price cuts on PS4 exclusives go, this is a fantastic deal given that the game came out just a few months ago following several delays.

The Last of Us Part II follows Ellie, who was the sidekick to protagonist Joel in the first game. She’s out for revenge, and the entirety of the story is a multi-perspective look at exactly where the revenge takes her. It’s a great game that builds upon the crafting, stealth, and combat systems of its predecessor, with amped-up graphics and sound design that takes great advantage of the PS4 hardware.


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