This retro handheld is the Game Boy Nintendo won’t give us – Input

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Until two weeks ago I had successfully resisted the urge to buy a dedicated retro gaming handheld. I was aware of Anbernic’s Switch-style RG351P, but I just bought a Razer Kishi — recommended by our gaming editor Ryan Houlihan — and that setup was working perfectly fine. But then Anbernic took the wraps off the RG351V and just like that, my nostalgia strings were plucked and my wallet opened.

For those not in the know, there’s an entire ecosystem of retro gaming handhelds out there. The vast majority of them have a Switch-like layout with the screen in the middle and the controllers on the left and right. Anbernic’s RG351V is one of the few devices with a vertical layout, like a Game Boy. As a child of the ’90s, I simply had no choice but to stan.

I ordered mine directly from China via Anbernic’s AliExpress page. There was absolutely no question about which color I was getting: There’s a wood-patterned one (?), a gray one, and a translucent black one. To me the choice is obvious? But all the YouTube reviewers seem to have the wood-patterned one? Very suspicious.

As a child of the ’90s I simply had no choice but to stan.

Regardless, I got my RG351V after about a week (I opted for the fast shipping because I’m

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