Top 10 Best NFL Android Apps & Games – 2020 – Android Headlines

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A new NFL season is here, and along with it, our list of best NFL apps and games for Android. There are quite a few NFL apps and games available on Android, though not many of them are great. Therefore, we’ve decided to compile a list of 10 apps and games that are actually good and diverse at the same time. There are more games included in this list than apps, as there are simply more NFL-themed games available in the Play Store.

Do note that more solid offerings are available in the Play Store, but we cannot list every single one. These apps and games are supposed to help you expand your NFL experience this season, either by gaming, or by helping you keep track of what’s going on in real-life games. There is also an app for fantasy football included here, if you’d like to take things into your own hands, and see how you fare.

A game that asks you to guess NFL team logos is also here, and the same goes for an app for streaming NFL games. There’s something for everyone included down below. These apps are not listed in any specific order, so just because one is listed before the other doesn’t mean anything. If you’re ready for some NFL action, read on.


Top 10 best NFL Android apps & games 2020

Below is a quick overview of the top 10 best NFL Android apps & games for 2020, including

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