Valorant sniper Sova shows off his drone and sonar in a new gameplay teaser

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The Valorant character reveal parade continued today with a new teaser for Sova, a Russian sniper with fantastic hair. He’s got a high-powered rifle with a scope that enables him to pick off enemies from afar, backed up by a drone camera to get a look at what’s around corners and a sonar arrow that reveals hidden characters.

The teaser doesn’t reveal Sova’s ultimate, Hunter’s Fury, which fires three bolts that can penetrate walls and travel the full length of the map, dealing massive damage to enemies they hit. But the Owl Drone and Recon Bolt both ook perfectly suited for a long-gunner: Neither do damage to enemies, but that’s not really a concern for a one-shot, one-killer character—as long as players can actually make the shots.

Sova is the third Valorant character to be showcased in a gameplay trailer, following Phoenix and Viper, but you can get a rundown of all eight Valorant fighters revealed so far in our character guide. Valorant is expected to be out this summer.


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