What mobile game developers need to know about global expansion – VentureBeat

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Publishers are capitalizing on the rise in mobile gaming by expanding their reach into new, lucrative markets. But finding international success means overcoming some important hurdles. Join experts from Riot Games and Facebook Audience Network to learn more.

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One of the most important factors driving the push for mobile game publishers to expand is reach, says Marcio Freire, Publisher Solutions Manager, LATAM & Scaled, at Facebook Audience Network.

More than 2 billion people are mobile gamers across the globe,” Freire says. “That’s why gaming is an export business, and it’s important to build an international presence.”

The LatAm opportunity

The opportunity is particularly ripe in Latin America. The region today has a population of around 650 million people, with smartphone penetration a little above 50%, or around 325 million people on smartphones today, an even bigger market share than the U.S., he says.

And Latin America as a whole is the fifth biggest market in terms of revenue, behind China, the U.S., Japan, and Korea. The language barrier, always a major hurdle when launching internationally, is also significantly smaller than, for instance, in the Asia region, because there are

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